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Pro Bono

Positively changing people's lives

Because our law firm encourages diversity of experience and is eager to give its team a sense of self-fulfillment, we offer pro bono legal services.

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Pro Bono Legal Service

Pro bono legal service may refer to:

Protection of rights

Advising or representing persons, communities or organizations who may not otherwise exercise or protect their rights or have access to justice.

Public interest

Assisting civic, cultural, educational and other non-governmental organizations that serve the public interest and otherwise cannot obtain effective counselling or representation.

Rule of law

Similar activities that are carried out in order to maintain the rule of law.

Electoral elections

Monitoring elections and similar processes, in which public confidence in the legislative, judicial and electoral systems may be in jeopardy.

Drafting legislation

Assisting in drafting legislation or participating in the process of adopting it.

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