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Public procurement

Our team of lawyers specializing in public procurement provides high-quality legal advice to clients interested in this complex field. We have the necessary expertise in public procurement law and a deep understanding of the procedures and requirements involved in the process.

Working with a lawyer specializing in public procurement is essential to ensure compliance with legal regulations, minimize risks and achieve the best results in procurement procedures. Your public procurement lawyer will guide you through all stages of the process, from the preparation of documents and the submission of bids, to the evaluation and negotiation of contracts.

Brief description of “Buju, Stanciu & Associates”

We are a prestigious business law firm, Buju Stanciu & Associates, renowned for our agile and personalized approach in each case we manage. In our team, we are dedicated to our clients and committed to achieving superior quality results, earning their trust and respect.

We place particular emphasis on carefully listening to our clients and understanding their needs and goals. We strive to deliver optimal solutions in a timely manner, exerting considerable effort in each case we undertake. We pay attention to every detail and conduct meticulous analysis, providing tailored consultancy and relying on our qualified expertise to deliver high-quality services in every situation.

Our team consists of experienced attorneys who bring to the table a vast multidisciplinary expertise. This allows us to comprehensively address every aspect of a case and provide appropriate solutions. We pride ourselves on our responsibility and integrity, adhering to the highest standards of confidentiality, thus ensuring a high level of trust from our clients in managing their sensitive information.

How can we assist you?

Consultanță juridică specializată în achizițiile publice pe durata întregului proces

Asistență în gestionarea contractelor, autorizațiilor de construcție și reglementărilor de urbanism

Monitorizarea relațiilor clienților cu autoritățile de reglementare și supraveghere

Reprzentare în contestațiile înaintate la Consiliul Național de Soluționare a Contestațiilor (CNSC)

Reprzentare juridică în fața instanțelor judecătorești

Asistență în elaborarea documentelor și organizarea procedurilor de atribuire

Consultanță și asistență juridică în evaluarea ofertelor depuse de operatori

Consultanță și asistență juridică în încheierea și implementarea contractelor de achiziții publice sau de concesiune

Consultanță juridică pe toată durata procedurii de delegare a serviciilor de utilitate publică

Reprzentare legală în litigii legate de atribuirea, încheierea și implementarea contractelor de administrare delegate

Consultanță juridică în închirierea, administrarea și concesionarea terenurilor și clădirilor deținute de proprietate publică

Advantages of Collaborating with Us

Specialized expertise: We have a deep knowledge of public procurement legislation and regulations, which enables us to provide high quality legal advice and ensure that our clients properly comply with all legal requirements.


Access to relevant resources and information: We have access to up-to-date resources and information in the field of public procurement, which allows us to be aware of the latest practices and trends in this field. Thus, we can offer our clients the best strategies and solutions adapted to their specific needs.


Assistance at all stages of the process: We provide assistance throughout the entire procurement process, from the preparation of documents and the organization of procedures to the evaluation of offers and the conclusion of contracts. We are with you every step of the way, ensuring that all legal aspects are properly covered.


Dispute resolution: We have experience in representing clients in disputes related to public procurement, including appeals brought before the National Council for the Resolution of Appeals (CNSC) and before the courts. We strive to obtain favorable results for our clients and protect their interests in all situations.


Strategic consulting and customized solutions: We approach each case attentively and offer personalized legal solutions, adapted to the specific needs and objectives of your business. We analyze your situation in detail and develop effective strategies to achieve the desired outcomes.

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