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Steps to Follow for Company Incorporation in Romania

Incorporating a company is a strategic move that can open up numerous opportunities for growth and expansion. Romania, with its...

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Incorporating a company is a strategic move that can open up numerous opportunities for growth and expansion. Romania, with its favorable business environment and strategic location within the European Union, has become an increasingly popular destination for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish a presence in Europe.

This article outlines the key steps and benefits of company incorporation in Romania, focusing on the Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure, known locally as „Societate cu răspundere limitată” (SRL). Whether you are a local entrepreneur or a foreign investor, understanding the process and advantages of incorporating in Romania can help you make informed decisions and leverage the country’s potential for your business success.

Why Choose Company Incorporation in Romania?

Incorporating a company in Romania offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and businesses. Here are some key reasons why you should consider company incorporation in Romania:


  1. Favorable Business Environment

Romania provides a business-friendly environment with relatively low operational costs and a strategic location within the European Union. The country’s economic policies are designed to attract foreign investment and support business growth.


  1. Access to the European Market

As a member of the European Union, Romania offers access to a vast market of over 500 million consumers. This allows companies incorporated in Romania to easily trade and operate across other EU member states without significant trade barriers.


  1. Attractive Tax Regime

Romania has a competitive tax regime with a flat corporate tax rate of 16%. Additionally, there are various tax incentives and exemptions available for specific industries and business activities, further reducing the tax burden on companies.


  1. Low Minimum Share Capital

The minimum share capital required to incorporate an LLC in Romania is just 1 RON. This low entry barrier makes it easy for small businesses and startups to establish themselves without needing significant initial investment.


  1. Ease of Incorporation

The process of incorporating a company in Romania is straightforward and can be completed within 1 to 4 weeks. The steps involved are clear, and with the right guidance, businesses can be set up quickly and efficiently.


  1. Skilled Workforce

Romania boasts a highly skilled and educated workforce, particularly in fields such as IT, engineering, and manufacturing. The availability of talented professionals can help companies achieve high productivity and innovation.


  1. Cost-Effective Operations

Operational costs in Romania are relatively low compared to other EU countries. This includes lower costs for office space, utilities, and labor, which can significantly reduce the overall expenses of running a business.


  1. Growing Economy

Romania’s economy has shown consistent growth over the past years, providing a stable and promising environment for businesses to thrive. The country’s economic stability and growth prospects make it an attractive destination for investment.

Steps to Incorporate a Company in Romania

Incorporating a company in Romania involves a series of well-defined steps that ensure your business is legally established and ready to operate. Here’s a detailed guide to the process:


  1. Preparation and Drafting of the Constitutive Act
  • Constitutive Act: This document, also known as the statutes, outlines the company’s structure, purpose, and regulations. It includes details about the shareholders, share capital, management, and company operations.
  • Legal Assistance: It is advisable to seek legal assistance to ensure the constitutive act complies with Romanian laws and regulations.


  1. Translation and Authentication of Documents
  • Foreign Partners or Managers: If any of the partners or the manager are foreign nationals, all relevant documents must be translated into Romanian and authenticated by a notary.
  • Certified Translations: Ensure translations are certified to avoid any legal issues during registration.


  1. Proof of Address
  • Head Office: Obtain proof of the registered address for the company’s head office. This could be a lease agreement or a property deed.
  • Business Centers: Some business centers in Romania offer services to provide a registered office address if you do not have a physical location.


  1. Registration in the Trade Register
  • Trade Register Office: Submit the constitutive act and other required documents to the local Trade Register office.
  • Unique Registration Code (CUI): Upon successful registration, the company receives a Unique Registration Code (CUI), which is essential for legal and tax purposes.


  1. Opening a Bank Account
  • Company Bank Account: Open a bank account in the name of the company where the initial share capital will be deposited.
  • Proof of Economic Presence: To open an account with a Romanian bank, the company must demonstrate its economic presence in Romania through local infrastructure and personnel.


  1. VAT Registration
  • Tax Administration: After incorporation, the company must register for VAT purposes with the Romanian Tax Administration.
  • Criteria and Control: The company must meet certain criteria, and the Tax Administration may conduct an inspection of the registered office to verify compliance.


  1. Final Formalities
  • Company Seal: While not mandatory, having a company seal is a common practice in Romania.
  • Official Gazette: Publish a notice of incorporation in the Official Gazette, which is a public record of new business entities.
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Why Collaborate with a Lawyer in the Company Incorporation Process?

  • Expert Legal Advice: Ensures compliance with legal requirements and provides accurate drafting and review of essential documents.


  • Efficient Process Management: Reduces errors and delays, and facilitates effective communication with authorities.


  • Handling Legal Formalities: Assists with translation and notarization, and secures registered office documentation.


  • Risk Mitigation: Ensures compliance to avoid legal issues and offers professional representation in disputes.


  • Customized Solutions: Tailors solutions based on specific business needs and provides guidance on optimal company structure.


  • VAT Registration Assistance: Ensures compliance with VAT registration criteria and coordinates required inspections.


  • Continued Legal Support: Ensures ongoing legal compliance and provides assistance with future legal needs and business growth.

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