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Our team

The strong legal foundation of any business.

Our team seamlessly combines expertise in both the contentious and non-contentious aspects of complex restructurings. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with holistic, commercial and pioneering solutions and successful outcomes.

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Victor Buju


Victor is a founding partner who provides exceptional client representation thanks to his legal expertise in criminal law and to a deep understanding of startup and corporate legal issues.

Victor specializes in the negotiation and facilitation of commercial agreements, as well as representation in commercial, white-collar crimes and administrative litigation.

His previous experience in one of the most prestigious law firms of Romania consists in resolving complex domestic and international disputes, as well as investment arbitration proceedings.

With extensive studies in comparative law and distinguishing merit scholarships in the top-rated Universities of Germany and the Netherlands, Victor has the ability to bring unique perspectives and innovative legal solutions.

Further studies in cognitive sciences allow him to approach cases in an interdisciplinary manner, thus providing tailored solutions to the dynamic challenges of the 21st century.

Attention to detail, creativity, international experience, and a multi-disciplinary, pragmatic approach make Victor stand out as an avant-garde leader of the legal profession.

Marius Stanciu


Marius is a founding partner who specializes in contracts, corporate matters, insolvency, consumer protection, and public procurement. His practice also extends to administrative law and constitutional litigation.

Dispute prevention and alternative dispute resolution are among his strong points.

Marius has been assisting fintech companies, blockchain and digital asset investors.

Tackling all issues related to digital asset platforms and transactions, blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens NFTs), Marius provides innovative legal solutions which best suit the client’s needs.

With a Bachelor of Laws and a Master's degree in Business Law at the University of Bucharest, as well as extensive practice in top law firms, Marius is one the sharpest, creative and agile legal professionals in Romania.

Dumitru Lazăr


Dumitru is an equity partner who excels in business law consulting, specializing in corporate, commercial, real estate, and agricultural law.

He comes highly recommended by all the corporate clients for his ability to negotiate difficult transactions and craft creative solutions.

Dumitru has been successfully coordinating complex projects for prestigious entities, top management teams and executives.

Before joining BSA, Dumitru was as a senior lawyer in a top law firm in the legal consulting field.

Meticulosity, ownership, legal prowess, and interdisciplinary approach make Dumitru a most reliable business law partner on a client’s journey to succes.

Niura Moisei Schaatschneider


Niura provides expert legal representation in commercial, labor, and administrative litigation. She provides specialized consultancy in emerging fields such as e-commerce, data protection, blockchain technology, digital assets, and virtual currencies.

Niura has successfully represented key players of the construction industry in procurement-related disputes, both before the National Council for Complaints Solving and in front of the national law courts.

She has a solid background in FIDIC contracts and has been involved in numerous large-scale projects and connected litigations.

Before joining BSA, Niura accrued valuable experience as a senior associate of a top law firm in Romania.

Versatility, extensive know-how, and innovation make Niura one of the best lawyers in Romania able to quickly respond to the challenges of an increasingly complex and ever-changing business environment.

Sorin Niculescu

Senior Associate

Sorin is a senior associate who specializes in commercial contracts, disputes, and arbitration, with an equal focus on white-collar crime.

He has gained substantial experience in legal commercial matters, successfully assisting clients in both trader-to-trader disputes and cases involving competition or corporate law.

Sorin accompanies clients in contract negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.

Prior to joining BSA, he gained experience in a prestigious law firm in Romania, by working in the Litigation and Arbitration department.

With a Bachelor of Laws and a Master's degree in International Commercial Arbitration at the University of Bucharest, as well as extensive arbitration practice at the most reputable international arbitration moot competition (Willem C. Vis, Vienna & Hong Kong), Sorin stands ready to provide top-notch legal representation and assistance, bringing a fresh, innovative, and pragmatic approach to the legal profession.

Vlad Mureșan

Senior Associate

Vlad is a senior associate who provides legal representation and consulting to a wide range of clients, across multiple industries, on all jurisdiction levels.

His consulting practice focuses on contracts, corporate, insolvency, consumer, banking, e-commerce, blockchain technology, and IT law.

As a litigator, Vlad represents clients in administrative, civil, labor, criminal and commercial cases.

Prior to joining BSA, he gained experience in business consulting at a top law firm in Romania.

Cross-industry expertise, a good eye for detail, patience and determination make Vlad a high-performing legal professional who will successfully identify and mitigate any legal risk in the business field.

Alin Nichifor

Of Counsel

Alin is a data protection professional with a demonstrated ability to build, deliver and manage comprehensive privacy programs within multinational organizations across different industries.

He is subject-matter expert in a wide range of regulatory fields: corporate and civil matters, mergers and acquisitions, contracting, privacy and data protection law, telecommunications, banking, and software development.

Alin gained his expertise by working closely with security, product, data science and software development teams.

His ability to strike the right balance between new technologies and protecting the privacy and security of individuals has proven invaluable to our clients seeking to achieve profitability while respecting the rigors of the law.

Strong communication skills, tenacity, perseverance and a results-oriented approach make Alin best suited to handle the complex intricacies of today’s rapid technological development.

Cristian Voicu

Insolvency practicioner

With over a decade of outstanding experience in the legal field, Cristian stands out as a valuable member of our team, specializing in insolvency, judicial reorganization and liquidation. With a deep understanding of legislation and procedures, Cristian provides high-quality legal advice, ensuring effective solutions and customized strategies for each client. His extensive experience in handling complex insolvency cases makes him the ideal consultant for entities facing financial challenges.

The services offered by Cristian cover a wide spectrum, from taking over the mandates of administrator or judicial liquidator, to offering strategic consultancy for reorganization and restructuring. His ability to navigate legal proceedings, combined with a pragmatic and results-oriented approach, allows him to guide clients through the most difficult times, supporting them in the acquisition or sale of assets, as well as in dissolution and voluntary liquidation processes.

By collaborating with renowned companies (Global Insolvency SPRL, BVA Insolv SPRL or TZA Insolventa SPRL) and managing over 200 insolvency and bankruptcy files, Cristian has built a reputation as a reliable expert, dedicated to excellence in legal services. His personalized approach and commitment to client success make Cristian an invaluable resource to our team and the clients we serve.

Florin Leucă

International Law Expert

Florin is a business, executive and team coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation, the most renowned professional coaching organization worldwide.

He offers unparalleled insights on how to best serve our clients, analyzing their needs from a business management perspective, and accompanies us on our journey to constantly reinvent and evolve into the most innovative and client-centric law firm in Eastern Europe.

Florin graduated with the highest distinction from the MBA in International Management at ESCP Business School London-Paris, the world's oldest business school and one of the most prestigious, consistently ranked at the top according to The Financial Times, The Economist, and QS World University Rankings.

He gained extensive experience in the top management field in the executive education & business events industry, in management consulting at one of the biggest banking groups in France, and in agribusiness at one of the oldest and most important actors in the agrochemical industry of Eastern Europe.

Florin has taught International Business Law and Private International Law at the University of Bucharest for 6 years, to over 4.000 students, mentoring many of them.

With his multi-cultural and multi-industry management know-how, his rich teaching background, orientation towards people and results, as well as a growth mindset, Florin is uniquely positioned to provide BSA with proven methods, validated frameworks, and outstanding perspectives on how to develop our practice and how to best serve our clients.

Alexandru Iorgescu

IT Specialist

Alex is the manager of the IT team within the company, made of specialists who keep both hardware and software up-to-date, and ensure proper cyber security for our firm and our clients’ data.

Alex has extensive experience in a wide range of IT solutions, such as developing native Android applications, ensuring data recovery or creating storage systems.